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LG Optimus LTE 2 – enough to topple the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Last week a smartphone was launched that delivers high specs and a sleek design, by a giant South Korean tech manufacturer. And it wasn’t the Galaxy S3.

You’d be forgiven for not noticing that LG, that other tech giant from South Korea, launched its latest smartphone last week – it picked the worst possible time to do so.

LG has long been in the shadow of Samsung – the latter has grown to become the manufacturer of some of the most sought-after devices in the smartphone market, becoming the biggest mobile phone seller in the world in the process.

But LG is not one to let that bother it, and pressed ahead with the launch of the Optimus LTE 2 on exactly the same day as the Galaxy S3.

While the marketing team over at LG could probably do with having their heads examined, those in the manufacturing department have done a great job.

Being launched on the same day as the S3, the Optimus LTE 2 is always going to draw comparisons with Samsung’s device. But it manages to hold its own.

LG Optimus LTE 2 design

One area where the Optimus 2 may fall short of the S3 is in design. There are no sleek curves to be found here – just plenty of right angles.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the Optimus 2 has that sophisticated yet understated design that LG is known for.

LG Optimus LTE 2 specs

It is here that the Optimus 2 more than matches the S3, with a TrueHD display delivering 720p. The processor has not yet been confirmed, but it’s likely to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 dual-core offering.

But probably the most impressive aspect of the Optimus LTE 2 is its whopping 2GB of RAM – a first for any smartphone, including the S3.

The LG Optimus LTE 2 is due out in South Korea by the end of this month, with a release in other markets expected soon after. It may not command the same buzz as the S3, but it’s still a phone worthy of high sales.