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Let it snow! The best Google Easter Eggs

Search engine giant Google has proved on more than one occasion that it is not just a mindless corporate machine, in the form of Google Easter Eggs.

We’ve had all sorts, from rotating web pages to Chuck Norris jokes, and now Google has gone all Christmassy on us with a festive-style Easter Egg.

If you haven’t heard of Easter Eggs before then you are in for a treat. Basically, Google Easter Eggs let you see Google’s search page in a whole new way. But which are the best ones out there? Here are our favourites, and how you can find them.

Let it snow

This festive Easter Egg gives a nice wintery feel to your computer screen, if you weren’t cold enough already. Just type ‘let it snow’ into the search bar and marvel at the results.

You’ll get the usual search results, and video or two of Dean Martin, but also a charming virtual snow fall that ices up your screen. You can then either click ‘defrost’ or use the mouse to write a message in the frost.

Do a barrel roll

A cool and wonderfully pointless Easter Egg is the barrel roll. All you need to do it type in ‘do a barrel roll’ and the friendly search engine will oblige by turning a full 360 degrees. Don’t fancy going all the way round? Type in ‘tilt’ to get a slight angle on your page – perfect if you are on a hill!

Google Sphere

Google Sphere is just as pointless as your search page rotating, but much, much cooler. Simply type Google Sphere into the search box, hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and watch as parts of the page form a sphere in the middle of your screen.

You can then manipulate the objects by hovering over them, making them spin around, all the while using it to search for images (which will also spin).

Chuck Norris

Everyone loves Chuck Norris jokes, and apparently Google is no different. Just type Chuck Norris into the search bar with ‘I’m feeling lucky’ to receive a word of warning from Google – you don’t find Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris finds you.