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Lenovo launching the Thinkpad X1 Carbon – the thinnest ultrabook yet

Ultrabooks are looking a little thin these days, and Lenovo claims to have made the thinnest and lightest ultrabook yet – the Thinkpad X1 Carbon.

The Thinkpad X1 Carbon is the successor to last year’s 13-inch Thinkpad X1. The name is derived from its carbon fiber frame, allowing the 14-inch ultrabook to weigh in at 3 pound with a mere 18.8mm thin.

It has enhancements over its predecessor beyond form factor. In fact, the larger 14-inch screen allows for a 1600×900 resolution, and the whole thing will be powered by Intel’s third-generation Ivy Bridge processor.

It will also come equipped with a 720p HD camera, USB 3.0 port, a backlit keyboard, and the option of 3G connectivity.

Lenovo will also renovate its Thinkpad X, T, W, and L lines, available in June. Most notably, Intel’s third-generation Ivy Bridge processor will included in Thinkpad ultrabooks, as will RapidBoost technology and backlit keyboards.

Now with 4G LTE

However, the hook is the introduction of 4G LTE for the first time in Lenovo’s Thinkpad ultrabooks, starting with the Thinkpad X230 and T line.

4G LTE connectivity will be available without a contract, served a la carte at $1.99 for 30 minutes of access. Sadly, it seems 4G LTE will not be a feature on the X1 Carbon.

Lenovo is making a big fuss over the Thinkpad X1 Carbon’s size and weight. It’s for good reason, too.

It’s positioned to be the thinnest and lightest 14-inch ultrabook on the market. But that might not be enough, according to rumblings of a thinner MacBook Pro set for later this year.

Word has it that Apple’s 15-inch Macbook Pro is going on a diet, dropping its optical disc drive and Ethernet port for a slimmer figure.

Ultrabooks following the thin trend

While early rumors said the Macbook Pro could reach MacBook Air levels of thinness, the tune has changed to indicate that it will simply be thinner than the current model, but not quite that thin.

A thinner 15-inch Macbook Pro could be dangerous for the ultrabook market, which rose in large part as a response to Apple’s svelte Macbook Air.

There’s still no word on when the new Macbook Pro might arrive, but a launch to coincide with OSX Mountain Lion this summer isn’t too far fetched.

Lenovo is expected to launch the Thinkpad X1 Carbon this summer, though no exact date or price have been given.

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