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Lean cuisine with compact oven steam

Steam ovens are an ideal way to provide your families with healthier meals, as no nutrients are lost during the cooking process and no extra fat needs to be added.

The texture, colour and flavour of the food is also retained, unlike using a conventional oven. Moreover, there is no exchange of flavours or odours between foods, so sweet and savoury dishes can be cooked together without any effects on the food.

The BCS460SS steam oven may be compact in size, but it is certainly packed full of goodies in terms of cooking technology, with six functions for steam cooking, regeneration, professional cooking, hot air and steam cooking and low temperature. Measuring just 46cm high, the BCS460 has a generous interior capacity of 31 litres and is rated A for energy efficiency, so it’s even friendly on your purse strings.

Operating the appliance is made simple thanks to its touch control panel on the front and comes with a conveniently programmed 50 preset recipes, enabling you to steam cook ingredients to perfection at the touch of a button.

Not only is this a stunning piece of technology but it’s convenient too. One of our biggest pet hates is having to clean the stuck on grease and grimee on our ovens but this model comes with a convenient wipe clean stainless steel cavity!  It has a handy oven light and built-in cooling fan all behind a fantastic triple-glazed removable door.

The BCS460SS is supplied complete with two Inox perforated baking trays, full inner glass door, a safety shelf, removable side racks and a meat probe, so the user really does has everything they need to simply switch on and get steaming!

This oven will enable you to cook your family deliciously nutritious meals but will also provide a stylish addition to your kitchen appliance collection with it’s sleek black appearance and stainless steel trim.