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Latest Samsung Galaxy S3 specs leak: MWC spoiler or real deal?

When we heard there was going to be no Samsung Galaxy S3 at this year’s Mobile World Congress, we weren’t alone in feeling pretty disappointed.

Instead, Samsung has treated us to a couple of other devices at MWC 2012, namely the Galaxy Beam and the Galaxy Note tablet.

We’re still unhappy about not getting to see the S3 at MWC this year. But even though Samsung isn’t launching the device in Barcelona, we’re still getting plenty of info about it.

Latest Samsung Galaxy S3 leak

There have been endless leaks about the S3, some more believable than others. But the latest leak is pretty detailed, and comes at a very convenient time.

Samsung has plenty of presence at MWC this year, but it won’t want hype surrounding its next release to waver as the tech world turns its attention to the devices on show at the event.

So is this latest leak just a happy coincidence? Or is Samsung playing a very clever marketing game and keeping our attention on the S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 specs

Leaked to tech website BGR, the specs for the Galaxy S3 look spectacular – but we always knew that. According to the leak, the S3 will feature a 1.5GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor, and will run Android 4.0 (obviously).

There’ll also be a bumper 4.8-inch full HD screen, with 1080p resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio display. As for cameras, there’ll be a 2MP front-facing one and an 8MP rear one.

This is more or less in line with what the majority of us were expecting. But does the high level of detail in the leak mean we’ll be seeing the S3 sooner rather than later, or was this a cynical attempt by Samsung to steal the MWC limelight from the likes of Nokia and HTC?

We hope it’s the former, but only time will tell. Either way, Samsung won’t be too displeased that we’re still endlessly debating a product that isn’t even out yet.