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Latest Samsung Galaxy S3 Leak: Real or Fake?

The life of a tech world rumour-hunter is fraught with danger. There are all those hours staring at a computer screen, not to mention becoming the target of an Apple assassin.

But probably the biggest risk to the rumour-seekers is the danger of falling victim to a forgery of some kind, and making a fool of yourself.

In this game, credibility is everything. But there are plenty of sneaky Photoshop experts out there who are ready to pounce with a so-called ‘leaked’ image of an upcoming product.

One such image has started going round of the tech world rumour mill, getting people excited and sceptical in equal measure.

Samsung Galaxy S3 image leaked?

So what’s it all about? It concerns that most coveted of upcoming products – the Galaxy S3, Samsung’s long-awaited new smartphone.

galaxy s3 leak

The image shows a device that looks strikingly similar to some of its predecessors, although maybe a little thinner. But that’s not the most exciting bit.

The bit that really got the tech world buzzing was the notification on the screen. It proclaims: ‘The New Galaxy SIII Live @ 8:00pm’ on 22 March.

Real or Fake?

Could this be when we’ll see the next-gen handset from Samsung, the one we’ve all been waiting for? Or is it all just a bunch of the brown stuff?

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that it is almost certainly the latter. March 22 is the date of a Samsung press release in Paris, but the manufacturer has already said there’ll be no S3 at the event.

While no one actually knows when we’ll see the S3, if it had said late April or early May we have got a little more excited.

That’s not all – it doesn’t take long to notice some inconsistencies in the text and the design, not to mention some old icons.

So either Samsung has got a bit sloppy, or someone should have spent a bit more time practising with Photoshop before unleashing the image. It’s not a bad effort, but try harder next time guys.