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Latest News on the Sony NGP

With E3 Expo 2011 just around the corner, Sony’s Next Generation Portable will certainly grab the world’s attention. The NPG with its dual touch screen, tilt and groundbreaking graphics engine is one to watch at this year’s event.

The Sony NPG has already made its mark by releasing blueprints of the consol earlier this year, keeping gamers on edge until now. The device is set to replace the PlayStation Portable and features all the mod cons and more.

Similar to the existing PSP with the overall design and sleek black finish the new model boasts a single difference that will blow the minds of gamers- dual joysticks!  Sony’s NGP has in fact two analogue joysticks, with the usual directional buttons, Triangle, Circle, Cross and Square action buttons for the ultimate gaming experience.

With a five inch NGP, the model will feature a high quality OLED touch screen with Wi-Fi and mobile phone style 3G. The high resolution screen is 90x 544. The ultra cool NGP also features front and rear touchpads.

The rear multi-touch pad allows gamers to control the action by moving their fingers behind the device while using their thumbs on the front touchscreen, heightening the gaming experience.

With a new console comes new games, but the bad news for PSP owners is that they are in a different format . Games available on the device include Uncharted: Golden Abyss which is a new episode from the Uncharted franchise.

Sony NGP

The stunning graphics and use of both front and back touch pads will make it a thrilling experience for gamers everywhere The game will be showcased at the  E3 Expo, which is the world’s premier trade show for computer and video games.

Another game that will have gamers salivating like hungry dogs is the new WipEout 2048 game.  It actually allows users to sync online gaming on the NGP with the PS3 which is a first from Sony.

Load up WipEout 2048HD Fury to a PS3 and then you can play against a total of 7 NGP consoles.  It is currently a working title and specially created from the ground up for the NGP.

As for price, the rumour is that it will be more than £200. The 2011 convention will be held in LA from 7th-9th June.