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Latest leaked iPhone 5 image – what does it tell us?

With the launch of the iPhone 5 drawing ever closer, the Apple rumour mill is starting to go into overdrive.

We’ve had all sorts in recent weeks – everything from images of apparent parts and components of the device, to drawings and designs.

We always take every leak, rumour and titbit of speculation with a pinch of salt. But as the launch date gets closer and closer, it’s inevitable that Apple will find it harder and harder to keep a lid on the secret.

Each new juicy piece of information that comes along has a little more weight to it, especially as they tend to back-up what a previous rumour or leak has suggested.

Latest leaked iPhone 5 image

We’ve had so many leaks in the past couple of months or so, it almost feels like Apple doesn’t even need to show us the finished product. Rather than all that press conference hullabaloo, they should just release it and be done with it.

We’ve had videos of the device’s casing, leaked designs of the inner workings and even what glass will be used. So it follows that the latest leak shows us something slightly different – the finished front panel.

Revealed by tech website BGR, the leaks compound a number of previous rumours over what the iPhone 5 will look like – namely a larger, 4-inch display.

Apple iPhone 5 launch and release date

Nothing is confirmed yet of course – that’s not Apple’s style – but the iPhone is expected to be unveiled by the US tech giant on 12 September.

Rumours abound that pre-orders for the iPhone 5 will be available on the same day, and if the latest reports are to be believed the device will be in the shops just 10 days later.

According to an anonymous source from Verizon, the company has banned staff holidays between 21 and 30 September – suggesting that this will be when the iPhone hits the market.

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