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Latest Apple iPad 3 specs leak: clever rumour or real deal?

The iPad 3 rumour mill is in full swing once again (is it ever not?), following a new raft of so-called ‘leaks’ backed up by a couple of screenshots.

The rumours surrounding the next-gen iPad have been flying ever since the iPad 2 was launched last year, with all sorts of far-fetched guesswork going on.

So far we’ve had, amongst other things: 3D technology (highly unlikely), a drop in price (pretty unlikely, this is Apple we’re talking about), and a thicker body than the iPad 2 (actually fairly likely, from what we can tell).

The source of these rumours is like the source of any rumour: dubious. Whether it comes from a ‘trusted source’ inside Apple, a hint from one of Apple’s factories, or just some guy with a hunch, we seem to give weight to pretty much all of them.

Latest Apple iPad 3 rumour

But history has taught us not to count our tech chickens until they hatch, so we’ve taken the latest leak with a hefty dose of salt.

So what’s it all about? Well, a source claiming to be in possession of a prototype iPad 3 has very generously handed over some screenshots of details about the tablet’s specs to tech website BGR.

No photos of the device itself – that would be far too convenient. Instead, a list of details which have been extracted from the prototype using the debugging software iBoot.

Apple iPad 3 processor

According to the leak, the iPad 3 will feature an A6 quad-core processor – the first iOS device to do so – and LTE options.

But does this leak have weight? This isn’t the first rumour of a quad-core processor for the iPad 3, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see one given the expected calibre of tablets being released this year.

The screenshots look dodgy at best, and can be very easily forged, but aren’t making the most outlandish of claims.

Having said that, the source isn’t named and the cynics out there will be saying the believable claims are just a clever ploy.

So take this one with a fair amount of salt, and wait for the next trusted source to come along with a similar claim – then we might start taking it seriously.

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