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Last Minute Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is nearly here so this is usually the time panic starts to set in, gift choices are rushed and, for the really unadventurous, it’s off out to pick up a job lot of vouchers.

So this year I’ve decided to lend a helping hand and provide some cool tech ideas, covering all the members of a family across all prices.

For Mum

Delonghi Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Maker

If your mum is always nipping into Starbucks or Costa, then this gift will bring the taste back home. With a self-priming system that means it’s always ready to brew almost any type of coffee, there’s no long waits either. Blueberry muffins not included.

Homedics Shiatsu Neck Massager

Most mums love a good neck message after a long stressful day. And this gadget from leading brand Homedics gives a Shiatsu massage that will see all the tension drift away. It also works as a present for dad… as he can forget about neck rubbing for the night and concentrate on the important things in life, like watching the football.

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For Dad

Sky HD

If you do have a footie mad dad then Sky HD is the perfect gift. Start him off on the monthly Sky Sports subscription package and he’ll get live Premier League and international games with every goal in glorious high definition, and even some in 3D. Once all the football is over, there’s also cricket, rugby, wrestling, tennis, darts and, from next season, F1 too.

Microsoft Halo Reach

There’s a reason why this first-person shooter took a whopping £125million pounds in its first day on sale. Blasting aliens in a fictional 2552, and famed for its awesome multiplayer and online modes, the only problem with this gift idea is it means you may not see dad until the real 2552 rolls along.

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For The Kids

Philips Kids Headphones

If you’ve young children who are constantly on their iPod or DS then take a look at these funky headphones. Available in searing blue or shocking pink, the kids will love the look of them. And with a ‘maximum volume lock’ to protect little ears, you’ll love the sound.

Wii Mario Sports Mix

This title works on the simple premise that the only thing that kids love more than playing sports games on their Wii is playing Mario ones. With the iconic plumber bringing all his friends and enemies too – from the gorgeous Princess Peach to the dastardly Wario – it’s one for the whole family to play on Christmas Day.

For The Grandparents

Sony 8” Digital Photo Frame

There’s nothing a proud grandpa or grandma loves more than putting up lots of pictures of their family. So investing in a good digital photo frame is a must. Just plug a memory stick of pictures into this and it will run them as a slideshow on its vivid and high definition LCD display. There are tons of added extras too, like clock and calendar views and a standby mode
so it saves electricity when no one is in the room.

Digital Switchover

If your parents or grandparents are still watching an old-fashioned analogue TV then its time is nearly up. The digital switchover has already started and will be completed by the end of 2012. The good news is this means a whole host of new Christmas ideas – including TVs, set-top boxes and digital recorders. Use our guide to digital TVs for the best of the bunch.

For The Secret Santa

Philips Clock Radio

Even with a limited budget there’s plenty of cool tech available – like this fun clock radio from Philips. It also has the added bonus that the recipient will never be late for school, college or work again – once the New Year begins.

DS Puzzler Collection

If you’ve a colleague who is a bit of a puzzle addict, then this DS game is a must. Coming in at under a tenner and with more than 2,000 crosswords, word searches and other quizzes, it’s perfect for the downtime over the festive period.