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LA Noire for Android – What you need to know

LA Noire was one of the biggest console games of last year, delighting gamers with its gripping storyline and detailed graphics, not to mention that quintessentially Rockstar touch we all know and love.

The title was something a bit different, in the midst of endless shoot’em ups and COD-style titles. It asked us to use our heads for once, but still delivered all the blood and guts we want from a gangster title.

But the title got bored of sitting on the likes of the Xbox and PS3, and made the transition to mobile via game streaming service On Live.

Console games have found it notoriously difficult to make the transition to touchscreen mobile devices, seeming to lose something in the translation.

From Console to Mobile

It’s easy to why – a game that needs almost a dozen different buttons and controls on a console is always going to struggle with the buttonless functionality of a tablet or smartphone.

Many games have tried and failed to make the transition. FIFA, for example, is a title that sticks in our mind as really not ‘getting’ the touchscreen way of life.

So surely a complex game such as LA Noire has no chance? That may once have been the case, but not anymore.

Touchscreen Makeover for LA Noire

The title has been given something of a tablet makeover, with the controls changed to become much more touch-friendly.

The touchscreen joystick and ABXY combination remains – it still has to be playable after all – but the controls adapt when dealing with different parts of the game.

During in-game dialogue, for example, the interface will respond to individual touches – leading to a much more intuitive mobile gaming experience.

LA Noire is currently only available on Android devices, with the upgraded controls available now. But it is slowly winging its way to iOS, so watch this space Apple users!