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Kodak Office Hero 6.1 Expert Review

Kodak Office Hero 6.1

Rating: ★★★½☆

The wheels haven’t completely fallen off for Kodak – a recent loan of $950 million has been granted for the company to restructure itself and adjust its priorities. This has resulted in a cull of its digital camera business and a renewed focus on printers.

This is a risky move, so its new printer, the Kodak Office Hero 6.1, had better impress. This printer’s headline features revolve around its connectivity and money-saving features.

Google Cloud Printing is great for printing documents from a tablet PC or smartphone, enabling you to print documents even if you’re away from home. The Kodak Email Print Server lets you send emails to the printer and should print any attachments. It’s handy, though the email address assigned to your printer is a string of random letters and numbers.

We hoped that clicking ‘Change email’ would let us choose something better, but it just gave us a new randomly generated address, making it a bit pointless. The email printing service itself works well though, and could prove incredibly useful.

As is often the case with printers, installation took a while, and our initial tests resulted in endless spooling documents with no actual printing. Unplugging the printer from the power, then restarting it and reconnecting to our network solved the problem.

Documents printed quickly over Wi-Fi, but that’s not counting the time it took to reset the printer. Printing a full sized colour photograph took one minute six seconds and the results were good.

Scanning is quick and easy, though the detail wasn’t amazing on the default settings. Copying was also fast, but with average results.

Kodak Office Hero 6.1


  • Email printing service
  • Fast scanning and copying
  • Good print results


  • Some setup issues
  • Some quirks with email print service
  • Scan quality could be better


This Kodak Office hero 6.1 allows for easy and fast scanning and copying and produces decent photo prints.  Set up can take a little time but the email printing service is very useful.

Not a bad all rounder with the added advantage of the email printing service.

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