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Kinect Xbox 360 is World’s Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device

Kinect Xbox 360 breaks records as the fastest selling computer electronics device of all time.

More than 10 million Kinect sensors have been sold worldwide to date, making it the world’s favourite sensor, confirmed by the Guinness World Records. Taking a bite out of Apple’s pride, the Kinect even sold quicker than the iPhone and iPad.

On average 133,333 units were sold every day for the first 60 days since its launch late last year.  That’s a total of 8 million Kinect Xbox360s sold between 4th November 2010 and 3rd January 2011. The much publicized Apple iPad took around 8 months to reach the same milestone!

Editor of Guinness World Records 2011, Gaz Deaves, said , “We can confirm that no other consumer electronics device sold faster within a 60-day time span, an incredible achievement considering the strength of the sector.”

The demand for motion sensor gaming devices is growing rapidly with more and more products emerging onto the market.

The popular Nintendo Wii motion sensor gaming console has sold 35 million devices in the US, according to the NPD group.  More than 454,000 Wii units were sold last month, making the Wii the fastest selling console in the US.

Nintendo games such as Donkey Kong Country Returns also launched in November 2010, sold 2 million games and the new Super Mario Bro for the Wii reached an impressive 8 million sales.

Sony’s Playstation 3 joins the ranks of high competition with their motion sensor console. Last year they released a Wireless Controller for the PS3 system. The motion controller device for a high definition gaming experience proved to be popular amongst gamers.

But with everything getting smaller as new technology tends to do, Sony recently unveiled its new handheld portable gaming device, the Next Generation Portable (NGP).

The device has a motion sensor as well as WI-FI and 3g connectivity. The NGP is being launched into a competitive market, with Nintendo’s 3DS handheld portable gaming device being launched on the 25th March.

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