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Kinect – Kinackered


Rating: ★★★★★

When the Kinect first came out, I did try to convince my son to get it for his Xbox, but he was having none of it, (he’s more into his COD & Assassins Creed) so I went out and bought it for myself and am so glad I did.

With a small number of games to choose from I opted for Kinect Sports & Dance Central. I tried the sports first and forced my son to play the game with me, of course I beat him, much to his dismay but I could slowly see him actually enjoying himself on it!

Then we tried out the Dance Central game and although it took a while to get the steps right, we had so much fun, I couldnt stop laughing at my son who looked pretty silly as he is almost 6ft tall and is all arms & legs.

We were both certainly out of breath afterwards and slept pretty well that night (In bed for 10.30pm).

The Kinect is fantastic for parties as long as you have plenty of space as you do need room to move about, (this I feel is the only con with the Kinect) otherwise I reckon it’s fun for all the family, has a decent choice of games to play & will certainly keep you fit if played regularly.


  • Decent choice of games


  • Large area needed to play


All in all – Excellent!