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Kinect for Windows v1.5 – What You Need to Know

It may seem like yesterday that Microsoft unveiled it’s Kinect software for Windows PC, but the US tech giant is already preparing to release a software update.

Microsoft launched the motion sensor technology for the desktop earlier this year, letting PC users swipe and swish their way around Windows 7.

The software has had a limited release internationally so far, but Microsoft is rolling out Kinect to a plethora of new markets at the start of this summer.

Late May will see Kinect go to Asian markets like Hong-Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, while Europe and the Middle East can get their hands on it from June onwards.

But that doesn’t seem to be enough for Microsoft. The US computer giant is busy readying a software update for the Kinect. So what do we know about this update so far?

Kinect for Windows V1.5 Release Date

There may only be limited availability for the technology on PC at the moment, but Microsoft is wasting no time in getting the latest version out to us.

The updated version, called v1.5, is being prepared by Microsoft at this very moment and has an expected release of May.

Kinect Studio

One of the main features of the latest Kinect will be Kinect Studio. This exciting feature will allow developers to record, playback and debug video clips of users interacting with applications.

It may not sound like the most exciting feature ever, but it will give developers useful information and help the development of future functions on Kinect.

Improved Speech Recognition

According to reports, another important update is the addition of new languages to Kinect’s speech recognitions software. New languages to be added are French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

But even more interestingly than that, the updated Kinect will have support for different regional speech. So there’ll be one for the Brits, then a different for Aussies and Kiwis and so on.