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Kinect 2 rumours

Microsoft Kinect – the motion sensor peripheral for the Xbox – is about to get bigger and a whole lot better.

Rumours are circulating that Kinect 2 is in development and is set to take motion sensor gaming to the next level.

The new gaming peripheral is rumoured to be bundled with Microsoft’s hotly anticipated Xbox 720, due for probable release towards the end of 2012.

Microsoft are pulling out all the stops for Kinect 2 – giving it more power, heightened sensitivity and improved voice recognition software.

Kinect 2 features

A number of impressive features are said to be in the pipeline. Firstly, the motion sensor technology will be so accurate it will be able to read users’ lips and determine what direction they are facing.

Even more impressive than this is Kinect 2’s rumoured ability to sense players’ moods and emotions. Using improved voice recognition software, it will be able to track the volume and pitch of players’ voices. This will enable it to figure out their mood.

This all sounds very futuristic and is a big step for Microsoft, which has come under fire for the original Kinect’s lack of power.

Although popular, the Kinect is limited by its reliance on a USB connection. This restricts the amount of information that can be transmitted to the Xbox, making the technology less accurate.

But this will change with the Xbox 720, with the Kinect 2 getting its very own connection to the console, allowing for high-res data to be transmitted.

Depending on whom you believe, Microsoft will be unveiling the Xbox 720 at either CES 2012 or E3 2012, or neither – they are keeping their cards very close to their chest.

Latest reports have suggested that Microsoft will actually be releasing not one but two versions of the Xbox 720.

One will be a cheaper, set-top box style affair aimed at casual, Wii-level gamers. The other will be a (far more expensive) all-out gaming machine, complete with disk and hard drives for the hardcore gamer.

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