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Kindle your love for Amazon’s e-reader

Amazon Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device

Rating: ★★★★★

The Kindle is designed for reading books and it’s design reflects that. It is very thin, flat and rectangular. The screen is large, taking up most of the size of the device. It has a qwerty keyboard at the bottom and buttons on the side that are used to turn the pages. It has a very long battery life, needing charged about once a fortnight, or less if the wireless option is usually switched off. The Kindle can be charged using the USB cable into your computer or into the supplied plug adapter.

The key to the kindle is building up a library of books to read. This can be done easily by buying from Amazon or other online retailers. Many thousands of books are also free from these same sources. books bought from Amazon can be sent directly to the device, whilst others can be added by use of the proprietary USB cable supplied with the Kindle.

Once these books are in the device, they can be sorted into collections, perhaps by genre or subject, or however you like.

It is easy to move from one page to the next, and the thin, light design means that the device can be easily used one-handed. The use of e-ink allows the screen to be easily readable in bright light conditions.

There are additional features such as the ability to add notes to a text and to copy sections into a clippings folder for ease of finding later. There is also the experimental web browser and support for audiobooks.

The few items that I would suggest can be approved are that the web browser could be better and it would be ideal to have better support for creating or directly editing documents, rather than simply adding margin notes. A built in light would be useful for low light conditions.

The effect of this is that the Kindle is ideal for many different types of people. Students will enjoy the fact that they can carry one Kindle instead of many heavy textbooks for different classes. Travellers can avoid running out of books on holiday and commuters can carry one item that is much thinner than a single paperback.


  • Allows thousands of different books to be carried easily
  • Light and thin
  • Long battery life
  • Experimental features add additional value


  • Limited support for creating and editing documents
  • A built in light would be useful for low light conditions


A fantastic device with many useful features. The long battery life, and easy to use interface will be ideal for many different types of user.