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Kindle used as Raspberry Pi screen by hacker

Fresh from the news that production of the popular bare bones microcomputer Raspberry Pi will begin in the UK, details have emerged that a hacker has used a Kindle e-reader as a monitor for the device.

The innovative pairing has been given the rather brilliant name of KindleBerry Pi, so how did this unique computer come into being?

Kindle and Raspberry Pi combo: how did it work?

Images circulating on the net show the Kindle propped up against the Pi at a 90 degree angle. The feat was achieved by Gef Tremblay whilst on his travels in Europe. Explaining how the idea was born, Gef says:

“The plan was, using a Kindle as a screen, connecting it to the processing power of the Raspberry Pi while using an external keyboard to work comfortably.”

“Since connecting an external keyboard to the Kindle seemed impossible at that point, I needed to use the Raspberry Pi as the ‘hub’. The tinkering started and the KindleBerry Pi was soon to be born.”

However, according to reports, Gef’s plan came unstuck when he realised that installing the USB keyboard, couldn’t first be achieved without tapping some demands into Kindle’s keyboard.

This led him to the conclusion that while the set up worked in practice, if he wanted to do anything productive, “it was better to get myself a computer.”

Raspberry Pi: What we know so far?

The Raspberry Pi has certainly garnered enough praise that it doesn’t need to be tagged on to another device to get on the techie radar.

The features packed on to the model B version of tiny device include a Broadcom “system on a chip” combining a 700MHz ARM 11 processor, a Broadcom VideoCore IV GPU and 256MB of RAM in one piece of silicon.

This is in addition to two USB ports, 10/100 Ethernet, HDMI and composite RCA video out, an audio minijack, and an SD Card reader.

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