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Justin Bieber, Xbox and Amy Winehouse… Bing’s top searches for 2011

What do you think would be amongst the top search engine queries for this year? The global economic crisis? The Arab Spring? The benefit of quantitative easing in relation to the rate of inflation?

Well you would be wrong. It seems the internet has been used to search for one thing above all else – Justin Bieber.

Microsoft has released the top Bing searches for 2011, covering the most searched-for people, news stories, celebrity events and consumer electronics.

And it seems the Bieber fever pandemic has gone global, infecting millions worldwide.

The teenage Canadian sensation has ranked top of Microsoft’s list of most searched-for people, as well as the most searched-for musician.

Climbing six places since last year, Bieber tops the chart in what is an otherwise all-female top ten.

Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian Search

Reality stars, singers, and actresses all feature in the list. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston are both in the top three, while Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus rounded off the top ten.

Barack Obama, whose appearance in the top ten last year was reassurance that humanity is not doomed, has fallen down to 49th in the list.

Xbox Search for Top

In terms of electronics, the Xbox is reigning supreme. The console from Microsoft beat its rival Playstation to take the top spot. Playstation finished third, just behind the Kindle.

Apple’s dominance in the consumer goods market was apparent, with the tech giant’s various pieces of kit taking four of the top ten spots.

The iPad, iPad 2, and iPhone 5 all ranked highly, with Apple’s Macbook Pro just making the cut at number ten.

The top 2011 news story searches was a slightly more sombre affair, with the Japan earthquake and Hurricane Irene in the US both in the top ten.

Other news stories on peoples’ minds were the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, and the death of musician Amy Winehouse.