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Judge calls for peace in Apple vs Samsung trial

The embittered intellectual properties trial between technology giants Apple and Samsung has waged on with heated accusations being fired back and forth between the two firms.

Now in its third week, the trial centers on Apple’s claim that the Samsung Galaxy Tab and other products copied the design of the iPad. Samsung has hit back by arguing that Apple infringed several patents, including some for its key wireless technologies.

Throughout the trial juicy details have been leaked about anything from forthcoming devices to the fact that Apple has tried to get an insight into why users choose the Android platform.

Ordered to kiss and make up

While the world has been gripped by the case, the US judge presiding over the patent trial has called for the white flag to be flown and made a suggestion that “it’s time for peace.”

US District Judge Lucy Koh has suggested that Apple and Samsung should speak to each other at least once on the phone before the jury deliberates on a decision.

Samsung designer Jin Soo Kim was questioned as to whether he was aware that the company was briefed by Google in February 2010 that early tablet designs looked too much like the Apple iPad.

Samsung warned by Google?

The designer denied knowledge of the briefing and said that he had started work on the tablet in October 2009, prior to the launch of the iPad in January 2010.

However, according to Apple attorney Harold McElhinny, internal Samsung emails allegedly refer to such a meeting.

Samsung has also claimed that two products, called DiamondTouch and LaunchTile, predated Apple’s presentation of “pinch and zoom” and “tap to zoom” on the touch-sensitive iPhone screen.

The jury in the trial is due to deliberate on its verdict this week and we’re sure we’re not alone in thinking that it can’t come soon enough.

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