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Jeremy Clarkson voiced TomTom pulled by BBC

The BBC has pulled the plug on the Jeremy Clarkson voiced Top Gear TomTom.

In what is a slightly embarrassing announcement to have to make, the BBC has confirmed that the recent launch of a TomTom Sat Nav voiced by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson is a breach of their own editorial code.

TomTom Top Gear special edition Sat Nav

The product, which features driving directions voiced by Clarkson in his usual unique style, as well as a Stig Mode, which renders the device mute, was set to be a great Christmas best-seller among car fanatics and those who enjoy the BBC show.

The BBC is believed to be concerned that Clarkson’s appearance on the TomTom could be seen as endorsing the device. BBC presenters “must take particular care not to endorse any product or service which could be covered in the programmes on which they work”, is the official BBC line on presenter endorsement.

Profits donated to Children in Need

Tom Tom and the BBC have now had to shelve the device and all BBC profits already made from the device will be donated to Children in Need.

The TomTom Top Gear Sat Nav also featured Top Gear places of interest on the Sat Nav map, allowing drivers to locate and visit locations which are connected with the television series, such as race tracks.

Alternatives to Clarkson on TomTom

If you are looking to replace Jeremy Clarkson’s voice with that of another over-weight middle-aged man, then fear not – you can choose to have Homer Simpson’s voice instead. Homer Simpson is available to voice TomTom Apps for iPhone.

The new TomTom iPhone App allows drivers to access the most up to date maps and keeps maps fresh with TomTom Map Share. iPhone users can also buy Speed Cams, a new App that includes a free database of fixed camera locations – which can be optimised with fixed camera updates and real-time mobile speed camera information.