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Jammin’ with Bob Marley branded audio kit

In the sleek, high-tech world of the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s nice to see some laid back cool. Here to announce three new ranges of audio gear, the House of Marley gave a real show.

The three ranges are “Jammin” (cheaper, fun kit), “Freedom” (a balance of quality and cool) and “Destiny” (high-spec audio kit with a stylish vibe, designed for the recording studio). Within each range, you can choose between earbuds, headphones and speaker docks. Some of the designs will be a bit full on for most people but the whole range has a nice sound and cool, natural style, so there should be something here to suit most tastes.

I spoke to Rohan Marley, son of Bob, who is pleased that the range is working to meet his father’s standards. He explained that the idea was to create high quality equipment for music fans and producers while using the most environmentally friendly methods and materials possible. Additionally, a portion of all proceeds will go to the 1Love organisation.

With products priced between $29.99 to $499.99 in the US, look out for House of Marley to show up in the UK later this year.