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I’ve bought my iPad, but how do I watch TV on it?

If you have an iPad or an iPhone and you want to watch a little TV when you’re on the move, you need to start using TVCatchup.

It’s one of the coolest ways to use your iPad, iPod or iPhone, and the best bit is… It’s free! You may not even need a Wi-Fi signal, it works perfectly over 3G.

Rather than being an App, TVCatchup is a website that lets you watch a selection of UK free-to-air terrestrial and digital TV channels live. It’s only available in the UK, and you need a TV licence to use it, but all you do is visit the site, register by setting up a simple user name and password, and you’re ready to go.

For ease of access you can just add an icon to your iPad/iPhone screen using the plus button on your browser, and it will appear like an App.

It shows you TV in real time, so basically lets you watch what’s on TV at that moment. It’s still in relatively early days, but there are around 20 channels to choose from. They are currently all channels you’d get either through terrestrial TV or free view, but more are set to be added.

If you like to use your iPad when on the move, this really is a must!

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