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Is Your Fridge Smarter than You? It Will Be Soon

LG Electronics have announced plans to launch a range of smart technology devices for the home, starting with a smart fridge!

Superb strides in smart technologies means that many of the features we only ever thought would be possible on Sci-Fi shows are slowly becoming a reality. But forget about the iPad, mobile phones and 3D TV, the real innovations are coming in the kitchen.

Electronics giant LG Electronics has announced that it is to roll out a full spectrum of smart appliances in 2011, starting with the humble fridge.

Smart Fridge from LG

The new smart refrigerator from LG promises to offer updates and information that can be accessed via smartphones and tablets. The fridge is part of LG’s smart technology range, called THINQ, which was launched this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The smart fridges obviously do everything you would expect from a new fridge, but thanks to the Smart Manager, LG’s food management system, it can also inform users what is in their fridge, where it is and when it expires.

The information will be available to access via your smartphone or tablet device: perfect for when you are shopping and can’t remember if you have enough milk or any other product.

For anyone on a diet or lacking inspiration when it comes to cooking dinner the fridge can even recommend healthy recipes based on what foods are currently available.

But the smart fridge does more than this, too. Want to know what the weather might be like later that day? The fridge can tell you. Can’t remember if the kids have karate lessons on Monday or Tuesday this week? The fridge can keep track and keep you posted.

Also, instead of having to jot notes on sticky memos, family members can turn the fridge’s LCD screen into a note pad to leave messages for each another.

So long as the fridge doesn’t start telling me I’ve overeaten or warns me that I’ve had one to many beers, it sounds like a great invention, doesn’t it? One that will undoubtedly become the norm for all fridges in the future.

LG’s smart refrigerators will be available in Korea in April and will be rolled out to other countries in the second half of 2011.