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Is this the Samsung Galaxy S3?

With another week comes another round of S3-fuelled Samsung debate to keep us busy. It has got so regular that soon enough the fact that there is nothing new to report will become a news story in itself.

But until that day, we’ll continue to bring you every scrap of salacious gossip and morsel of tantalising speculation. Until the S3 is actually released that is, whereupon we’ll probably have a nervous breakdown due to lack of gossip.

We’ve still had very little in terms of detail from the South Korean tech giant, which has further fuelled the Galaxy S3 rumour mill.

We’re not surprised that Samsung has been keeping schtum, but it creates an environment where anyone can stoke the S3 rumour flames.

Samsung Galaxy S3 rumours

Of course, this is nothing new in the world of technology rumours – remember some of the ludicrous claims for the new iPad? But excitement around the S3 is so high that someone out there will believe almost anything that is written down and published on a website.

Just last week a feeble attempt to whip up an S3 frenzy started doing the rounds on the web. A so-called leaked image of the new S3 made an appearance, getting techies everywhere very excited.

That’s until they actually saw the image, that is. Proclaiming a launch date of 22 March, the image showed an obviously photoshopped image with inconsistencies aplenty and even some very old icons.

Latest Samsung Galaxy S3 leak

And now we’ve had yet another ‘leak’, although this one is a little more convincing that last week’s offering. The official-looking leak shows a white-and-grey S3, and proclaims a launch date of 22 May, in London.

History has taught us to sceptical, but the image certainly looks pretty convincing and the launch date is at least believable. But it does predict five days of sunny weather in London, so we’re not so sure.