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Is this the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung could have accidentally outed the Galaxy S3 at CES during a promotional video.

Samsung Galaxy S3?

Highlighting the power of its camera range to take pictures from afar, the models are shown using a phone to remotely snap a photo with a device that features a similar design to the Galaxy S2, but with a much larger edge-to-edge display.

This is the sort of spec list we’d expect from Sammy’s next superphone as it seeks to keep its title of top smartphone – thinner, larger-screened and more powerful will definitely be on the wish list of most potential buyers.

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Real or no real?

But let’s not get too carried away here – we are dealing with a promotional video set squarely in happy-happy-fake-land, and the screen looks suspiciously like a render rather than a next gen display.

Add to that the fact we get shown a boring old Samsung Galaxy S2 in the next shot, and it’s highly possible that an over-excited videographer gave Samsung something to sweat over – or just tweaked a Galaxy Note to remove the Samsung Logo and alter the home button.

Either way, it’s not long until Mobile World Congress, where we’ll get to see what the Koreans have been cooking up over the last year – stay tuned to TechRadar to find out.

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S3?