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Is the New Logitech Tablet Keyboard the Best iPad Keyboard?

Logitech have just launched a new range of iPad and Android tablet accessories, including a new keyboard. Is it the best iPad keyboard?

Logitech has unveiled a line up of iPad and Android-based tablet accessories that include two keyboard related accessories.

First up is the Logitech Keyboard Case. Made in collaboration with ZAGG, the keyboard case features a sleek aluminium cover with military-grade high density padding that is designed to carefully protect your iPad 2: it has a nifty little recess, too just behind the keyboard that can assist in propping the iPad 2 into portrait or landscape mode.

Next on the list of must-have accessories is the Logitech Tablet Keyboard. Now if you ever have to send a long email using an iPad or often find you use it for work, a keyboard is a must-have. The new Logitech Tablet keyboard promises to be easy to carry around with you, convenient to use – you can pair it up quickly with a Bluetooth wireless device so you can be sat at a desk, sofa or anywhere and still use the device comfortably: it has a range of 30 feet!

Will it be the best iPad keyboard on the market?

It is difficult to tell if the Logitech keyboard will be the best on the market – it will face competition from the likes of Apple’s official option the iPad Keyboard Dock. It’s also probably worth noting that you should be able to use any Bluetooth enabled keyboard with your iPad, so your options are plentiful.

“People love their tablets — the category is growing quickly and is here to stay,” said Azmat Ali, Logitech senior director for tablet products.

“We’ve created a great line-up of products for tablet users, and it’s just the beginning. Over the coming months you can expect to see additional products for iPad and Android tablets that are designed to help people create, consume and communicate.”

The Logitech Keyboard Case and Logitech Tablet Keyboard are both expected to be available from the beginning in June.