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Is the New BOLT Mobile Browser the Best?

A new mobile browser being showcased at CommunicAsia 2011 promises to offer mobile internet browsers a better experience. Will it become the best mobile browser?

If you’ve ever experienced the bone-crushing tedium and frustration of waiting for your mobile internet browser to load when you are out and about – that could all change, soon, thanks to the Cloud. (Read More: What is the Cloud?)

The manufacturers, Bitstream, who develop software technologies and applications for the graphic art and mobile communications industries, believe that the new BOLT service will help mobile phone manufacturers around the world overcome common problems associated with mobile web browsing.

They claim that common issues, particularly with low to mid range mobile phones, include slow and unreliable page load times, the inability to support video and inaccurate page rendering. Something most of us, whatever device you use, would have experienced at some point or other.

To make matters worse, a slow load time can have another negative effect, too, draining device batteries and using up way too much data than necessary, making them too slow and expensive for end users.

The BOLT Android version is currently in private beta, but is being showcased at the CommunicAsia 2011 Exhibition and Conference held in Singapore this week. It taps into the cloud to provide ‘a modern, visual web experience, better network management and new revenue opportunities to carriers.’

It really is quite impressive: twenty mobile devices browsing with BOLT use the same bandwidth as one device browsing with competing browsers. That’s an impressive bandwidth saving for carriers, which should hopefully be transferred back to customers (we hope!).

“BOLT offers carriers a solution that not only allows for perfect page rendering with a fully-featured browser no matter what type of phone is being used, but also provides significant bandwidth savings over the competition with unmatched data compression,” said Sampo Kaasila, vice president of research & development for Bitstream.

The BOLT cloud aims to help consumers in a number of other ways, too. This includes the ability for consumers to control their data plans and data usage directly from BOLT, without needing to call customer service, use text messaging,  or take any other additional steps.

BOLT’s cloud also provides increased support for streaming audio and video available in a mobile browser, supporting both Flash and HTML5 video.

And as you’d expect from any self respecting web browsing platform it also offers what Bitstream calls ‘advanced’  social networking integration capabilities with Facebook and Twitter.