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Is the GT-i9300 the New Samsung Galaxy S3?

An image has appeared online apparently showing the Samsung GT-i9300 which has sparked many people to believe that this IS the new Samsung Galaxy S3 handset.


OMG it’s the new Galaxy S3!

Samsung’s Galaxy S2 was the GT-i9100 and the recent Galaxy Nexus is the GT-i9250. With this in mind, it would make sense that the Galaxy S3 could well be the GT-i9300.

The pictured handset (which was leaked to PhoneArena) looks to be running Android 4.0 along with some Samsung apps. It also shows the navigation buttons as part of the touch display indicating that the screen has received an increase in size (one of the big rumours associated with the Galaxy S3).

Hush your face-hole, it’s not the S3!

The image which claims to be “the real deal” shows a handset with
all-too similar styling to the Galaxy S and S2 models but with a chunky
bezel and equally chunky build. This has lead some people to think that
this isn’t the S3 and merely a cheaper mid-level model.

We posted an article earlier in the week with another leaked Galaxy S3 photo showing a slimline bevel and build. These are two things which have been high on the wishlist for S3 fans and two things which seem to be very likely thus discounting this image.

General consensus at the moment is that this isn’t the Galaxy S3 and more likely, a cheaper mid-range model. What do you think? Would you be happy with this being the new Galaxy S3?