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Is the Amazon Kindle Fire finally coming to the UK?

After months of waiting and wondering, it looks like we might see the Kindle Fire, the low-cost tablet from Amazon, finally hit our stores.

According to reports, the online retail giant is preparing to launch its app store in Europe in the coming months – fuelling speculation that we’ll see the Kindle Fire before long.

The rumour comes courtesy of tech website AllThingsD, which cites sources “familiar with the company’s plans”.

There has obviously been no official confirmation from Amazon, but the tech giant is rumoured to be making an announcement next week.

Amazon Appstore on the way?

The launch of the Amazon Appstore in Europe presents a challenge to Amazon, as it has to make new agreements for books, films and music for every new market it enters into.

This can be a long and complicated process, and is probably the main reason for the delay of the European launch of the Appstore.

Amazon Kindle Fire UK

But if the rumours are to be believed, it looks like Amazon has been very busy getting everything sorted, and is now ready to launch its popular online app store. So does this mean we’ll see the Kindle Fire sooner rather than later?

Amazon Kindle Fire to launch in Europe?

If the Amazon Appstore does launch in Europe in the coming months, it’s fairly likely that the Kindle Fire will follow soon after.

Amazon is able to price its tablet at such a low price – it would probably sell for around £200 in the UK – because of its Appstore.

Amazon took a hit when it came to the price of the Fire, and relies on users buying apps and multimedia content from the Appstore. Without it, the whole model kind of falls down.

According the rumours, we could see the Appstore up and running by the end of the summer. If this is the case, we wouldn’t be surprised the Kindle Fire on the shelves in time for Christmas.

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