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Is Amazon planning two Kindle Fire 2 models?

With Google unveiling its own-brand Nexus tablet at its I/O event earlier this week, the battle in the tablet arena is about to change.

The tablet market has been dominated by Apple and its pricey, albeit very high quality, iPad, for several years now. Android devices have tried to challenge this dominance, but with little real success.

With costly devices such as tablets, customers are always going to want the best of the best, which has always been the iPad.

But manufacturers are now challenging the monopoly in a different way, by heading to the other end of the pricing scale. Amazon was the first to do this, with its critically-acclaimed and hugely successful Kindle Fire.

The online retail giant has had the low-end pretty much to itself so far. But with Google mounting a challenge, Amazon has to up its game.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2

The Kindle Fire 2 is expected later this year, and recent reports are suggesting that we’ll see not one, but two versions released.

In a bid to retain its low-end market dominance, Amazon is rumoured to be preparing a 7-inch Kindle Fire follow-up and a more powerful 10-inch version.

7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire 2

Reports, which cite “reliable sources”, have suggested that we’ll see the 7-inch Kindle Fire 2 ahead of the ten inch version.

While the original had obvious drawbacks in terms of build quality, with the soft-touch plastic body, the upcoming models will feature a partly metal casing – giving the device a more expensive feel.

10-inch Amazon Kindle Fire 2

While the 7-inch Fire 2 will have plenty of improvements on the original, rumours abound that the 10-inch version will be packing a real punch.

Features lacking in the original Fire will make an appearance, with a front-facing camera, MicroUSB ports and possibly even HDMI-out jacks. It’s also expected to house a bumper quad-core chip under the bonnet.

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