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Is Acer set to launch six smartphones in 2013?

Fresh from the rumoured news that RIM are set to launch six BB10 devices, Acer president Jim Wong is said to have confirmed that the firm are planning to deliver six smartphones  to the market in 2013.

However, smartphone fans in the UK and USA may have to wait their turn to get their hands on the new wave of devices as the company is expected to be focusing the smartphone debuts on emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, and Malaysia and China.

Acer smartphones: What can we expect?

Acer is best known for their Notebooks, tablets and Ultrabooks –  despite the fact that they already have a wide range of smartphones on the market.

Wong is said to have outlined that the company will bypass costly devices, focusing instead on delivering a range of entry-level to mid-range smartphones.

While no details, as yet, have been revealed about design specs and the operating system that the devices will be run on, some features are already said to have been nailed down.

The entry-level devices are expected to run on MediaTek chips while the mid-range Acer smartphones are set to feature dual-core CPUs from Qualcomm.

One of the six phones is also expected to run on the Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 is set to launch on October 26th, and Microsoft has described the new OS as a one stop shop for users of various platforms:

“The beautiful, fast, and fluid design is perfect for a range of hardware: from compact, touch-enabled tablets and lightweight laptops, to PCs and large, powerful all-in-ones with high-definition screens.”

Acer smartphones: Why Asia is a key market

The latest figures from research firm Canalys revealed that total smartphone shipments for China alone in the second quarter of 2012 – 25.6 million.

This makes up just over one-fourth of the world’s total smartphone shipments. This means that the Chinese market has grown by a staggering 199% in a year on year comparison, steaming ahead of the total worldwide growth rate for smartphones (47%).

Providing Acer’s smartphones hit the right notes in terms of OS, storage and internet connectivity, the company may just have a chance to vie for attention from market leaders such as Samsung and Apple.

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