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Is 4G Finally Coming to the UK?

Mobile users everywhere, it’s time to start getting excited. We could be seeing 4G mobile internet in the UK by the end of this year.

Ofcom, the regulator of communications in the UK, has published a new proposal that could see the super-fast mobile broadband make an appearance before the year is out.

The regulator has said it has received an application from mobile network Everything Everywhere, which owns Orange and T-Mobile, to start offering the high-speed service.

It’s a very exciting prospect, and one that we aren’t going to truly believe until we are surfing the web outdoors at speeds we can barely keep up with.

Ofcom has said it doesn’t believe that Everything Everywhere’s proposal would distort competition in the UK, and cites increasing demand as a reason for giving the go-ahead.

“LTE/WiMAX services are not currently widely available to citizens and consumers in the UK,” the Ofcom proposal says.

“There is however widespread demand for mobile data services in the UK, and that demand is growing significantly. The availability of new high-speed mobile data services is likely to bring material benefits to consumers and citizens.”

We had previously been given a 4G launch date of sometime in 2013 or even 2014 – a ridiculous amount of time given how popular smartphones are in this country.

“Compatible 4G handsets are only just coming onto the market, so many of the firm’s user base will be unlikely to take advantage of the faster mobile broadband speeds straightaway,” James Barford, a mobile telecoms analyst at Enders Analysis, told the BBC.

“However, it is great marketing to be able to launch early – it certainly sounds good.” With 4G-enabled smartphones starting to make an appearance on the market, the high-speed service cannot come soon enough to the UK. Get your mobiles at the ready!