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Is 3D the Future of Mobile Phones?

Yet another frontier seems to have appeared in the Smartphone battlefield, this time with mobile phones featuring three dimensional technologies forming the frontline. Are 3D phones likely to become the future of mobile technology? And what exactly do they offer customers?

Three dimensional electrical items have slowly been establishing themselves as a more recognised and utilised form of technology. Since the development of 3D cinema and TV has become more popular, it seems only natural that the third dimension would extend itself to the world of mobile phones as well at some point. Read more about 3D TV Technology.

While some 3D mobiles have already hit the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy 3D and the LG Optimus 3D it is now rumoured that Sony Ericsson will be joining the gang by releasing their own 3D model at some point in 2012.

Little is known about the intended model at this stage but details of a particularly large 4.7” screen boasting an impressive HD screen resolution of 1280 x 720 are rife. The phone is rumoured to be targeted at gaming, and with such an impressive display this comes as no surprise.

But is 3D really the future of mobile phones? The fact is that the previous models have not received entirely complimentary reviews and it is still somewhat uncertain whether the 3D phone market is going to take off as insiders expect it to.

Alongside this, a number of mobile manufacturers are intending to release new Smartphones in September and none of these are said to be 3D models.

iPhone not in 3D

The latest iPhone is set to be one of the new models to hit the shops this autumn, being available alongside a range of Windows powered models offered by LG, Samsung and HTC as
well as the new BlackBerry – the Bold 9900.

As well as hoping to release their 3D model next year, Sony Ericsson have released the Xperia Pro, meaning another competitor will be joining the pre-Christmas market.

The Xperio Pro contains a slide out ‘qwerty’ keyboard and a smaller 3.7” screen with a resolution of 854 x 480 than their prospective 3D model.

Sony covering all the bases

Sony’s decision to release both these models perhaps suggests that they are not entirely certain about the success of the 3D phone market and are trying to cover all of the Smartphone bases in order to achieve ultimate success.

What are your thoughts on the development of 3D Smartphones? Do you think they will prove to be more popular than traditional Smartphones or will the September splurge of Smartphones ensure that conventional models continue to dominate the market?