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iPod Travel Speakers: New Sony iPod Speakers

Acknowledging the fact that not everyone listens to music using a Sony MP3 player or Sony Ericsson, Sony have just announced the launch of three new speaker docks designed for iPod and iPhone users.

The snappily named RDP-X60iP, RDP-M15iP and RDP-M5iP new speakers, Sony boast, allow users to enjoy both music and videos in high quality ‘room-filling’ sound, wherever you are.

Three new speaker docks from Sony let you enjoy music and videos from your iPod or iPhone with room-filling, high quality sound. So, lets get down to business and review the tech.

Sony Wireless Speakers

First up is the RDP-X60iP wireless speaker dock with Bluetooth streaming. The speaker comes with a generous 20W+20W output power and is the first iPod/iPhone dock Sony has made that features Bluetooth. What this means is that the RDP-X60iP also streams audio from other media devices with Bluetooth enabled, including Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Xperia X10, X10 mini and X8. If you don’t have a Bluetooth enabled device you can instead simply plug in using an audio lead.

RDP-M15iP portable speaker dock

Going away on holiday this summer but can’t live without your music? These speakers could be just what you are looking for. The RDP-M15iP portable speaker dock delivers a powerful 10W+10W of sound and is easy to transport wherever you are heading. Out and about? The rechargeable battery allows for 6 hours of listening time and also comes with a protective carry pouch so it’s not damaged during transport.

RDP-M5iP compact speaker dock

If you are looking for a bit more juice with your travel speakers, this new compact speaker dock could be another option. These speakers provide just 2W+2W of power but on the plus side are available in white, as well as black (unlike the other two models), and when used with just 4 AAA batteries can give you up to 10 hours of listening time. It also comes with a handy grab handle for easy transportation. All three speakers will be available from July, prices may vary, check with retailers.