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iPhone 5: The Rumours

Everyone is nervously anticipating the release of the fifth incarnation of Apple’s popular iPhone but while no official details or dates have been released there are a number of rumours circulating which could give us some insight into the potential this little device could hold.

Trying to predict what features the new iPhone will have is almost impossible and some of the rumours, such as getting rid of the characteristic home-button, are highly unlikely. So, what are the most likely features and improvements of the iPhone 5?

We have put together a list of our top rumours, but of course there are plenty more circulating around the web at present and we’ll all have to wait until the official release to see if we’re right.

iPhone 5: Improved Camera and Video?

Every manifestation of the iPhone has boasted an improved camera and video quality from the last, so where can Apple progress to next? The iPhone 4 already has a 5 megapixel camera and is capable of HD video recording. Perhaps the iPhone 5 will push the boat out even more. A number of rivals, such as Android phones, already offer 8megapixel cameras so it seems only logical that Apple will offer the same in the new iPhone. Improving the video quality to shoot in full HD is another potential improvement. Read more: iPad HD: Fact or Fiction?

iPhone 5: More Storage?

With people continually relying on their phones to store important details and large amounts of media files it seems only natural that Apple looks at offering more storage space in the new iPhone. The 16GB iPhone 4, while a substantial size, is still outdone by media devices such as the 120gb iPod and while it is unlikely that the new iPhone will be quite as large as that, it is not difficult to assume that 32gb and maybe even 64gb versions are offered.

There are also rumours that all updates to the device will be accessible via the cloud, without the need to update via manually plugging in your device. Read More: What is the Cloud?

iPhone 5: Quicker Processor?

This rumour is practically confirmed. Integrating a faster A5 processor into the iPhone 5 would see Apple following their precedent of keeping their device hardware in synchronicity with one and other. The A5 processor is that which is in use in the iPad2 and if it is included in the iPhone 5 then the phone’s performance will be almost double that of the iPhone 4 whilst still retaining a good battery life.

There are also rumours that the iPhone 5 will include technology similar to that in Oyster cards to allow touchless purchasing in shops. Read More: More iPad and iPhone Rumours