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iPhone 5 rumours, no iTV, iPad Mini rumours… top Apple stories this week

There hardly seems to be a day that goes by when people aren’t talking about the world’s favourite tech company – Apple.

Samsung may have just knocked Nokia off the top spot as the world’s biggest mobile phone seller, and there may be far more Android phones out there, but Apple somehow seems to be at the top of the pile.

With the possible exception of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which was one of the most eagerly anticipated devices of all time, the buzz surrounding Apple and its products is second to none.

This week, the Apple rumour mill has been duly whirring away as always – delivering those all-important titbits of gossip.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Apple was the one behind these juicy bits of news and rumour, just to maintain its buzz. Whatever the case, we all lap it up without question.

With no new apple products due out for a while (but these days, who knows?), all we’ve got to go on is speculation and debate. So what are the big Apple news stories of the week?

Apple iPhone 5 rumour update

Ever since the initial disappointment of the iPhone 4S, the tech world has been arguing over the next iPhone.

This week we’ve had details of the device’s measurements. Reports have suggested that the next iPhone will be about 10mm taller and 2mm thinner, as well as featuring a larger display.

No Apple iTV until 2014?

We’ve been talking a lot this year about iTV – an Apple-branded TV that will surely have to change its name here in the UK.

But that bridge many not be crossed for a while, as reports have suggested that we won’t see an Apple TV for at least a year, if not until 2014.

Apple iPad Mini rumour update

The illusive iPad Mini has been the subject of debate and speculation ever since the very first iPad was launched. But with the likes of the Kindle Fire doing so well, we could finally see such a device in the near future.

Reports in China have suggested that an iPad Mini is already in the works, meaning we could see it around the same time as the next iPhone.

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