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iPhone 5 Release Details “Leaked”

An employee for Foxconn in China has reportedly stated production of a device dubbed the iPhone 5 is about to go into production.

The source also revealed to 9to5Mac there are several sample handsets doing the rounds, but all differ slightly from each other. It is not clear which, if any, is the final device.

Some similarities between all the samples have been noted, including a screen which is 4-inches (or larger) in size, a different form-factor – hinting that Apple is going to move away from the 4/4S design and the devices are longer and wider than previous iPhones.

Back to the old routine

Last year we didn’t see the iPhone 4S start production until late spring, which led to a later than expected launch in the autumn. With fresh reports of production to start soon on the iPhone 5, it looks like Apple could be returning to its old routine of a summer launch at WWDC.

Of course none of this is set in stone; however the same employee correctly reported that we wouldn’t see the iPhone 5 last year, but instead see the iPhone 4S.

Are you happy that the iPhone 5 could be packing a bigger screen, keeping it in line with offerings from Samsung, HTC and the rest, or is the rumoured increase in handset size to accommodate it a real turn off?


iPhone 5 release details