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iPhone 5, Apple TV, iOS 6… WWDC rumour round-up

We are really being spoilt in the world of technology at the moment. E3 has barely even finished, and we’re already gearing up for another big event in the tech calendar.

We’re talking, of course, about Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco. It’s due to be a typically Apple-ish affair, with events, presentations and workshops for attendees and developers to get their teeth into.

When it comes to what new technologies we’ll see at the event, Apple is, as usual, keeping its card pretty close to its chest.

As with any upcoming Apple event, product or service, the rumour mill has been full swing over WWDC. Almost everything has been speculated on, but how much truth is there to the rumours?

Apple iPhone 5 at WWDC

It’s easy to see why this rumour started, as WWDC has had its fair share of big-name product launches over the years.

Some reports had suggested that we’d see the iPhone 5 this year, as there has been talk of declining iPhone 4S sale in recent weeks

Unfortunately, this is looking highly unlikely. WWDC is all about the software this year, and Apple will want to give its flagship device an event of its own.

iOS 6 at WWDC

We may, however, get a look at what kind of features the next iPhone might have, as rumours abound of a first look at iOS 6 at WWDC.

The mobile operating system is not expected until the autumn, but reports suggest we’ll get at least a sneak peek at what iOS 6 will feature.

There has been plenty of speculation over what the next OS will feature, such as Facebook integration and Siri for the iPad.

Apple TV at WWDC

Rumours of a fully-fledged Apple TV set have been doing the rounds for a long time, so it’s no surprise to see more speculation ahead of WWDC.

According to reports, Apple is preparing to unveil a new TV operating system with far more features than the current OS used in Apple’s set top boxes.

Not only is the new OS an upgrade to the current one, but it’s reported to be the one that will feature in Apple’s iTV.

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