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iPhone 4S vs BlackBerry Torch vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Which one is best?

The smartphone market has never been more diverse, so here we take a look at some of the main players in this increasingly competitive field: the Apple iPhone 4S, the BlackBerry Torch and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

In 2010, the late Steve Jobs said that Android (from the Google camp) was only in fourth place in the ‘smartphone race’.  First came Research In Motion (RIM – who make BlackBerry phones), then Apple’s iPhone and next Windows Mobile. Then finally Android phones, like the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Since then Android has come on leaps and bounds of course.

But what phone is best out of these three phones?

Best smartphone brand

Smartphones are as much a brand as suits or shoes – branding plays a part in their appeal. Here all three smartphones score highly, depending on what you are interested in. The iPhone 4S can rely on Apple’s hugely loyal following, while the BlackBerry is popular with the youth market. However, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will appeal to Google fans who don’t like the monopoly of Apple, as well as tech lovers impress by its ultra-sleek, compact look. Which leads us handily on to…

Best looking smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is just 8.9mm thick and has a 4.65 inch display. That makes it the most compact phone out there.  The BlackBerry Torch has a smaller screen at 3.7 inches while the iPhone 4S has a 3.7 inch one.  So the Samsung wins in terms of screen size, although the others may work out a little easier to fit in your pocket.


Speed-wise, the Samsung runs on the very quick 1.2 GZ processor. The Apple compares well to this, but given the OS and app differences, it’s hard to properly compare the two. But the BlackBerry Torch also boasts the same processor, so it’s a three-way draw here.


Or ‘how easily does it work?’ A phone is generally used to make calls – even a smartphone – but the iPhone has previously had a reputation for dropped calls. Changes to the antenna design in the iPhone 4S should go some way to repairing this. The BlackBerry range is generally good, but recent downtime has severely dented their reputation. The Galaxy delivers decent call quality too, but there isn’t a ‘hold’ feature for when you get more than one call at once which is a shame.  Another three way draw!

Operating System & Tech

The new kid here, the Samsung, runs on the Ice Cream Sandwich Android Operating System. This allows for an array of new functions, like being able to unlock your phone via facial recognition, near-field-communication (NFC) allowing you to transfer files between phones by making them touch and more standard features like taking screen-grabs, copying-and-pasting and arguably a better touch-screen technology.

But can the voice-recognition live up to the iPhone 4’s Siri technology, which not only recognises your voice but allows you to command your device, take dictation, remind you of appointments and basically be your assistant?  The Blackberry has nothing like this either.  The iPhone 4S wins hands down here.  It also boasts the best camera, with 8 megapixels versus 5 on both of its competitors.


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus seems to look like it is a worthy adversary for Apple and BlackBerry. Which one is best is very difficult to gauge and will depend on your individual needs. The trick for all of us to choose the one that’s the best fit for you.

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