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iPhone 4S Siri – The Best Video Responses

The iPhone 4S has a whole bunch of cool features, but none is quite as entertaining as SiriApple’s new voice recognition software. Check out these clips of people using the software on YouTube.

It is a highly intelligent piece of software, carrying out all kinds of tasks just by being asked. It almost feels like you can build a relationship with your phone.

But instead of asking it to call people or read out a text message, what do most of us do? We ask it silly questions, obviously. And more often than not, it gives us a silly answer. Here are some of the best questions and answers doing the rounds on the net.

The Big Question

It’s a question that has baffled scientists for years. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? And now that age-old question has been answered by Siri, with a very witty, and accurate, answer.

When Siri met Siri

It’s not the most riveting of conversations, but watching two machines talk to each other is almost like glimpsing into the future. Maybe it’s just us, but we sensed a bit of tension between the phones.

Struggling in Scotland

Siri is certainly intelligent, but it is having as little trouble adapting to life north of the border. This news report from Aberdeen shows Siri trying its best to understand the Scottish accent, or just giving up altogether.

Siri’s Dark Side

It turns out that Siri has pretty loose morals, and doesn’t bat a virtual eyelid when you tell it you’ve killed someone. And if you’re panicking a bit and wondering where to hide the body, Siri will even bring up some suggestions of places near you.