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iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II drop test gets nasty

If you’re waiting to get your hands on an iPhone 4S, you might want to look away. This won’t be pretty…

People drop mobile phones. It’s an unfortunate fact of life which supports a lively insurance business. If you work in gadget insurance you’ll want to remind people how fragile their kit is, and that’s why has been rolling out some quite scary YouTube videos over the last few months.

iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S II – which will survive?

In the latest video, they’ve pitted the new Apple iPhone 4S against a Samsung Galaxy S II. They’re both pretty phones, although the iPhone beats the Samsung for sheer sleek style. When gravity takes over though, the difference between the two phones is startling.

The moral of the story? Don’t go throwing expensive gadgets around. And get a case.