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iPhone 4 and iPad 2 iOS 5 UK release date revealed

Apple has announced the iOS 5 UK release date will be 12 October, allowing all those with the latest iDevices to upgrade to the latest platform.

The iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPad 2, plus the iPod Touch third and fourth generation will all be getting the new update (which will be free, thankfully), with the iOS 5 UK release date set for the 12 October.

The new update severs the ties with the PC, with no connection needed any longer to set up your phone.

Cutting the strings

Software updates will now be over the air, with Wi-Fi obviously (unless you have a really kind network provider) and also seamlessly integrates your apps and photos without the need for a PC.

You’ll also be given fancy drop down notifications in a way that more-than-subtly apes the Android design, and location-based reminders too.

Deeper Twitter integration will be added into your devices too, plus Newsstand will give you access to a wealth of magazine and newspaper content too.

Other fancy options include Reader, which lets you read web sites more easily at a later date, as well as on-device editing of photos directly from your phone or tablet.

iPhone 4 and iPad 2 iOS 5 UK release date revealed