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iPad Mini, eBooks, patents… top Apple stories this week

Never a week goes by in the tech world that we don’t have some news about Apple – the tech giant that many of us love and many of us love to hate.

You’d have thought that after the release of the iPad last month, talk of Apple and its products and practices would die down for a while at least.

But it was not to be – we’re still talking about the US tech powerhouse seemingly every day, whether it wants us to or not.

The past week or so has been no different with exciting rumours of new devices, some more court battles and a possible reconciliation with one of its fiercest rivals.

It can be pretty hard keeping up. We doubt even Apple itself manages to keep track of everything. Luckily for them (and you), we are on hand for a roundup of the biggest Apple stories of the week. So what have we learnt recently?

Apple iPad Mini on the horizon

This story has been around for a while – a number of years in fact. There was talk of a mini iPad way back in 2010, before the original iPad was released.

But the debate has got a little more serious recently, as the likes of the Kindle Fire has threatened Apple’s dominance of the tablet market. The latest reports suggest we’ll see a low-price Apple device later this year. We won’t believe it until we see it.

Apple sued over eBooks

Apple hardly ever seems to be out of the courts, but it’s usually them doing the suing. This time around, Apple has landed itself in hot water with the US Department of Justice.

It is alleged that Apple colluded with a number of publishers to raise the cost of eBooks, in order to combat Amazon’s dominance of the market.

Patent war reconciliation

The on-going patent war between Apple and Samsung could be coming to an end, as it was reported that the two companies have agreed to meet to discuss a settlement.

Apple and Samsung have been locked in various battles since last April, with more than 20 different cases in 10 countries.