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iPad HD – Fact or Fiction?

Will Apple’s latest product be known as the ‘iPad HD’?

Apple has been keeping particularly quiet recently as the rumours have centred mainly on the hotly anticipated release of the iPhone 5.

Questions over when the release date will be as well as the many exciting features and possibilities of the iPhone 5 have kept Apple devotees everywhere occupied for the last few months. Read More: Round-up of iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Rumours

Now though, it appears as though Apple may be set to incite a different type of debate as rumours abound that they are set to release the latest in their increasingly long line of tablet products.

The rumours, primarily circulating from tech sites and, suggest the new iPad HD is will not be seen as a direct replacement of the iPad 2, which continues to be universally quite popular.

It is thought that the product will be seen more as a high end model, something that is likely to be reflected in the price tag.

The tablet market has grown rapidly over the last year. Toshiba and Samsung in particular were quick off the mark to send out their own products in order to compete with the iPad 2, still widely considered to be the market leader.

Indeed, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is proving to be a very credible and popular product as global sales will testify. So popular, in fact, that Samsung are set to release the new 10.1 version very soon. Read More: Samsung Announce Release Date of Galaxy Tab 10.1

The new iPad HD is set to make its own mark now though, with a rumoured high resolution screen exciting tech fans everywhere.

The iPad HD is expected to put an emphasis on video and photo production as one of its unique selling points.

From this viewpoint is will take its lead from the popular MacBook Pro.

There will surely be debate over how many people who already own an iPad 2 will be willing to purchase the new model.

The video and photo production facilities on the new model are likely to be the key to how many people see the iPad HD as a ‘must have’ product.

Only time will tell how popular and durable the product proves to be. The truth is probably that it will only serve as a minor distraction before the anticipated release of the iPhone 5 later this year.