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iPad 64GB Wifi + 3G Review


Rating: ★★★★☆

As I like to look at movies it is a pain to go via Itunes. I found a way around this by using Dropbox. A free app. you download on your PC/Mac and on any other device you have and sync them.

You just put anything in it, doesn’t matter on which hardware item and you have access to it on all the other devices with dropbox installed. You can watch, listen, view anything anywhere.

If you have VLC player installed you are not restricted to m4v or mp4 file but can see others movie files too. Great app, and very easy.

Overall I am happy with the iPad. I’m not so bothered about having front facing and rear facing camera’s on it, I use my camera for this (This will always make better pictures / videos). What ever the iPad 2 will have more of interest is maybe the extra memory they are probably going to put in, but at what cost?


  • Good size screen
  • Wifi 5Mhz very good and fast
  • amount of apps to choose from
  • battery time


  • playback other movie files
  • New policy on Subscriptoions
  • Locked
  • No USB, HDMI
  • No SD card slot


Hard to beat by the opposition

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