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iPad 3 specs leaked ahead of launch

The iPad 3 will rock an A6 quad-core processor and LTE options according to some dubious looking screenshots which have found their way onto the web.

The details were leaked to BGR from a source who claimed to have a prototype iPad 3 and used a debugging tool called iBoot to extract the details.

If the A6 processor is going to be used by Apple then it will make the iPad 3 the fastest iOS device to date and this is not the first rumour we have seen which suggests the super quick chip will be used.

Don’t start counting those chickens

There are no reports on the rumoured high-res display or thicker/thinner dimensions in this latest leak, which are two of the hot topics doing the iPad 3 rounds at the moment.

The iPad 3 could well see a February launch according to sources in Japan, which would put it up against Samsung’s rumoured new tablets set to be announced at MWC 2012.

Once again it is easy to get lost in the hype surrounding one of the most anticipated tablets of 2012. The source in this latest leak is not named and we have no idea how well connected they are – screens can be easily forged so don’t get too over-excited about this one.

iPad 3 specs leaked ahead of launch

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