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iPad 3 rumours, iTunes U, patent battles… top Apple stories this week

Another week, another plethora of Apple stories. We’re not sure whether it’s just that people can’t stop talking about the US tech giant, or Apple has a very clever marketing team.

It is most likely a little bit of both. Apple doesn’t like being out of the tech headlines for too long, and people love discussing what it is going to do next.

So what have we had in the way of announcements, news and rumour from the technology innovator this week?

Apple iBook for iPad 2

At the beginning of this month we got news that Apple was planning a mysterious event in New York. The ‘leak’ came just a week before CES, but we’re sure that was just a coincidence.

We then had another ‘leak’ that the mysterious event would focus on education. This came a little closer to CES, but we’re sure that was a coincidence too.

In the end, the leaks proved to be true as we were given a look at Apple’s intention to capitalise on the education market.

Apple is to breathe new life into its iTunes U service, with more online course from the likes of Oxbridge, MIT and Yale. There is also iBooks 2, a new app for the iPad 2 that will allow users to create their own ebooks.

iPad 3 rumours

The Apple rumour mill never sleeps, and this week was no different. The iPad 3 rumours so far this year have been about 3D possibilities (unlikely, to say the least), 4G connectivity (pretty likely), and low price tag (no way).

And this week, rumours of an earlier-than-we-thought release date have been doing the rounds. Of course, nothing is concrete until Apple says so, but rumours of an early February unveiling have our imaginations running wild.

Apple vs Samsung

It’s not just in the smartphone market that these two are doing battle, but in the German courts as well. In the on-going patent row, the latest blood has gone to Apple.

Samsung filed three patent infringement claims against Apple last year, but this week had one rejected by the courts. One-nil to Apple so far then.

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