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iPad 3, Jobs’ birthday… Apple trends for February

This year has been pretty quiet so far for Apple. Aside from the wholly un-exciting event in New York in January, we’ve seen very little from the US company.

Of course, we’ve had plenty about Apple from everyone else. There have been rumours, more rumours, and some people even claiming to have seen a ‘leaked’ iPad 3 at CES.

But it’s fair to say that Apple has started 2012 in a fairly low-key way. This isn’t surprising; no company likes to come out all guns blazing at the start of the year, least of all the cool cats at Apple.

But February could see things get a little more exciting. So what can we expect from the tech giant over the next month?

Steve Jobs’ birthday

The late, great Apple innovator’s birthday is on 24th February. This is the visionary’s first birthday since his death in October last year, so we can expect Apple to mark the occasion in some way.

And if Apple doesn’t, then surely Apple fans, techies and indeed anyone who’s ever used an iPod will be remembering Jobs on the 24th.

Apple iPad 3 release

Steve Jobs’ birthday has fuelled rumours that we’ll see Apple’s next-gen tablet in February, to coincide with it.

There is obviously no confirmation of this yet, but it would make perfect marketing sense. And we all know how good Apple is at marketing.

More patent battles

So far this year, we’ve seen a bit of a lull in the fierce patent battles that seemed to be everywhere at the end of 2011.

But the hangover from Christmas is now over, and Apple is ready to battle once more. It has already dealt Samsung a blow in Germany, as a judge struck down a lawsuit by Samsung over wireless communication. It was a victory for Apple, but there are plenty more battles afoot.

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