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iPad 2: The Best Accessories

If you’ve bought yourself an Apple iPad 2 then get ready for a truly awesome tablet computing experience.

But whether you’re using that slim and thin beauty for work, play or entertainment, there’s a wide range of accessories to make life even more fun.

Below I’ve picked out some of the best ones to pair up with your Apple iPad 2, ranging from cheap and cheerful to those that while expensive, are well worthy of splashing the cash on.

Smart Cover

When the iPad 2 was launched, this colourful cover got even the most hardened technology journalists and geeks hot under the collar. The Smart Cover magnetically slots onto the side of the iPad 2 to keep the screen safe from scratches and damage but even more exciting is the fact it can wake up the device, and put it to sleep, simply by opening and closing it.

The Smart Cover – which comes in grey, blue, green, orange, pink, black and even different shades of leather – is also thin enough not to add bulk to the ultra-slim tablet, unlike many of its rival cases.

Camera Connector Kit

The iPad 2 doesn’t have a memory card slot or USB port built-in but it does have this ace extra. Plug it into the bottom of the device, and you can transfer images from your digital camera to store on the iPad 2 using either an SD card. There’s also one available for a USB lead.

Dock to VGA Connector

It’s not one to get overly excited about but this little cable is crucial for anyone who gives presentations. It will hook the iPad 2 up to a projector allowing you to show off your work to clients and colleagues in the boardroom.

Apple TV

The second generation of this black box of tricks has now been shrunk down into a small square that connects to your telly and can wirelessly stream music, pictures and movies from your iPad 2 to the TV. It can also connect to iTunes to show television shows and films downloaded via the service. It’s a must for sharing content and making the whole iPad 2 wireless entertainment experience seamless.

Digital AV Adaptor

If you want a cheaper alternative to show iPad 2 content on your TV then this adaptor plugs into the bottom of your tablet and uses a normal HDMI cable to connect to the television.

Ally Capellino Canvas Satchel

Ally Capellino iPad Satchel

The only bag made exclusively to carry your iPad around in, this designer messenger-style bag comes in a variety of colours and materials. The main pocket inside was created specifically to match the iPad’s size and protect it from harm while other pockets allow plenty of room for cables, documents, magazines and other bits you’ll need every day.

Griffin Guitar Connect Cable

Hook your iPad 2 up to a guitar with this lead and use the device as a recording studio with a range of music-related apps available to download. Who knows, you could create the next hit single.

Philips Fidelio iPad Dock

Philips Fidelio iPad speaker dock

Talking of music, if you need a way to listen to your favourite tracks, this dock comfortably allows your iPad 2 to slot in and play songs you have stored on it. If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, try the iLuv iPad speaker dock.

Zagg Invisible Shield

For the toughest protection around, you need the toughest skin around. This plastic film protector can cover the front, back or both sides of your iPad 2 and it’s resistant to scratches to keep your device looking pristine. A quick internet search will find you a UK stockist.

Pogo Sketch

You can do a lot on a touchscreen with your fingers but what you can’t do very well is handwriting. This is where you need a stylus and this Pogo Sketch is one of the best around. Again, search the web for the cheapest UK price.

HP e-Print

Wireless printing is easy thanks to these printers from HP. There’s a range of models to suit all prices with all sorts of features such as copying, faxing, scanning and even the ability to print simply from an email.